Let’s co-discover your dream job and assist you to get it

Finally, the dilemma of choices between subjects, courses, streams, career direction etc., is all over. You are finally either working or are looking to start working soon or are looking to switch to a different career direction or maybe even looking to pivot or be an entrepreneur. The memories of all past teachings from parents, teachers, friends as well as constant performance comparisons with friends, relatives & strangers must be at all-time high. Thoughts like: He earns 50% more than him, I don’t think she likes her job, Oh, wow-she got a big break in a top MNC etc; would be a recurring topic of discussion. Welcome to the real world! So answer one thing for yourself- Are you in your dream job & if not, would you like to be?

Know yourself to master yourself.

There is one life & you must focus on WHAT you really want to do in your life

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